— Solar Energy Advanced Studies

Solar Energy Courses and Minor


ELEG 628 Solar Energy Technology and Applications (3 cr.)

This course will take the student from understanding the photovoltaic (PV) effect in a p-n junction solar cell all the way to the impact of gigawatts of power on our grid. Students will understand the critical issues in photovoltaic (PV) research, manufacturing, cost,  performance and deployment. We learn how to calculate how much energy is harvested at a given location for different module configurations and how light leads to the generation of current and voltage in a solar cell.  The design, processing and manufacturing of various PV cell and module technologies is covered in detail. Students will learn to design and analyze off-grid and grid-connected systems. The economics and integration challenges residential, commercial and centralized PV power systems are discussed. The class has a lab where students apply the basic concepts of parallel and series circuits and solar modules, impact of module tilt and temperature, and battery charging. Class is open to Engineering seniors and graduate students.

Other classes which may include some Solar Energy topics

ELEG 415/615 – Electric Power and Renewable Energy Systems (3cr.)

ELEG 417/617 – The Smart Grid (3cr.)

ELEG 437/637 – Energy Systems (3cr.)

ENEP 425/625 – Energy Policy and Administration (3cr.)

Sustainable Energy Technology Minor

Developing new energy sources that have minimal environmental and societal impact is one of the greatest challenges of our society. UD offers undergraduate students the option of taking a concentration in renewable energy technology in addition to their major. Students enrolling in this minor take 9 credits related to science and technology of energy such as wind, solar, biofuels, fuel cells, or smart grid integration. They also take 6 credits exploring the economics and policy dimensions of sustainability.  Quantitative approaches are emphasized and include assessments of the local and global environmental and economic. impact of alternative energy sources. See link for details: http://catalog.udel.edu/preview_program.php?catoid=11&poid=5395