— Graduate Student Research and Education

The Institute of Energy Conversion is a research facility with a strong emphasis on graduate student training and education. Since 2010 we have provided training to over 40 PhD and Master level students. Students can conduct their research at IEC under the guidance of one or more Professional Staff members using unique equipment and facilities available at IEC supplemented by other facilities on campus. The IEC does not directly accept graduate students nor do we award degrees. Prospective graduate students who want to pursue solar-related research at the IEC must apply to and be accepted by an academic department, typically within the College of Engineering (i.e. Chemical, Electrical, Materials Science) or College of Arts and Science (i.e. Physics, Chemistry):

Graduate students should indicate their interest in performing research at IEC on their application letter. Currently two IEC Staff have joint academic appointments allowing them to directly advise graduate students: Dr. Steven Hegedus (joint appointment in Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Dr. William Shafarman (joint appointment in Materials Science and Engineering).  Students from other departments can be co-advised with a faculty from that department and any IEC staff member.  Applicants should reach out to IEC researchers first to discuss your interests and current funding opportunities. If you are unsure who to contact, please email Sherry Stewart at iec-solar@udel.edu.  Once accepted by the academic department, your ability to work with researchers at the IEC will depend on availability of funding and the approval of IEC staff.

Interested student can get graduate school application materials from the University’s web site at https://grad.udel.edu/forms/